Aberrican Me......The Incredible survival story of Ross Cappicchioni

Ross Capicchioni breaks down the incredible details of his survival story. Four years ago, when Ross was 17, he was tricked into giving a ‘friend’ a ride to a notorious East Side neighborhood in Detroit. Ross was shot three times and left for dead. Four years later, at age 21, Ross breaks down the story for The Berrics. He used skateboarding as a part of his recovery process. The effort he would put into trying to learn a new trick, was fostered into his efforts towards physical therapy and recovery from his insane injuries. It’s a simple yet extraordinary tale, told in a captivatingly genuine way. How he survived, how he battled back from his debilitating wounds, how he stood up in court and identified the kid who pulled the trigger (who, as it turns out, was trying to join a gang that required its initiates to kill a random stranger) and how he copes with the lasting psychological scars.

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