YME (T) New England Freight Documentary Teaser back up!!!!

A documentary about New England, vandalism, and an obsession with trains. Year-round Metal Enjoyment follows several freight train graffiti artists into a world of steel and spray while exploring the Northeast's many ties to the railroad earth. With over a year and a half of shooting (and rising), more than a dozen interviews from some of the area's most notorious artists, as well as railfans and workers, Mint Films gives an in-depth look into this obscure and elusive world.

Still in production.

Shot & Cut by: Mint Films mintfilms.net/
Music by: Wooden Axle woodenaxle.bandcamp.com/

Donny Barley and the Fountain of Youth, Part 1

Stakes Is High: Tyler Price


YME (T) New England Freight Graffiti documentary!!!!

So the official trailer is now out, spread this around....I've had the privilege of seeing some of the footage from this, and the dudes making this are straight professionals! This is going to be so legit!!!!

Interview with NOWAY NR WZRDS