Rare footage of Chip7, Rime, Dr. Sex and others.

This video is so dope! Shot in 2000, this is a clip of a documentary on graffiti that unfortunately never got completed. From the looks of it the filmmaker Ricardo Martinez has got some real treasures in his archives featuring interviews with Rime, Chip 7, and Dr. Sex from over a decade ago. They even speak with the owner of Scrap Yard back when it was Bomb the System and just before the 2-minute mark there’s a quick clip of Sacer (RIP) catching a silver marker tag. I could only imagine what the rest of the footage must be like.

With Love From Amsterdam


Educated Advocates - Just Us Three (Official Video 2012)

Portland, ME with the style son!

Download: MUMBLS – “Hella Novellas”

 MUMBLS, the young, Berkeley, CA-repping rapper who enjoys nothing more than a beer, blunt, and some Ghostface Killah raps, is excited to finally release his new mixtape, Hella Novellas.
Hella Novellas contains an impressive 19 tracks, but still manages to clock in at just under 50 minutes, a testament to MUMBLS’ ability to craft infectious story raps, songs that weave and wind through the young rapper’s illicit tales without overstaying their welcome. This rings true for standouts like “Parachute,” a song inspired by an evening spent taking MDMA in paper towel capsules, and most recent single “Overnight Bag,” a song that finds MUMBLS spinning various, always-entertaining tales of failed attempts at getting laid and bar-crawling through the East Bay.
As a story-driven rapper, the music throughout Hella Novellas remains very personal, and so, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that not only did MUMBLS keep features at a minimum, but also chose the tape’s title as a result of the musical direction. “I chose the title Hella Novellas after I realized the songs on this project were mostly very personal stories,” explains MUMBLS, noting that the project “was pretty much three months of my life, summarized over music.”
Hella Novellas, in addition to being an utterly entertaining listen, is a firm statement of the 22-year old rapper’s artistic progression over the past few years – and especially since being taken under the wing of Bay Area legend, Andre Nickatina. “My writing has improved and I’m more confident with my pen strokes and vocal experimentation,” explains MUMBLS of the improvements. “I even sing a little on this project, and that’s kind of new for me.”